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Krista Culling - Yoga Instructor and Owner

I am a yoga teacher and the co-owner of Mind Body Soul Yoga. I was first introduced to yoga over 10 years ago but didn't immerse myself into my practice until a serious back injury changed my life. I found that yoga helped speed my recovery process and since then I have devoted myself to my yoga practice. After completing my 200 hour Sattva Yoga Teacher Training with Rameen Peyrow at Yoga Mala in July of 2013, I realized that I wanted to continue to grow and share my new found passion with others. That was when I decided to start Mind Body Soul Yoga with my long time friend Adine Enns. Teaching yoga has opened many doors and given me many amazing opportunities. In May 2014, I completed my 50 hour Yin Yoga training with Bernie Clark in Vancouver BC.

Every day I am inspired by the practice of yoga. It is a self exploration. It is the practice of physical and emotional awareness. Yoga demands self discipline and challenges the body's limitations. Each time I come to my mat it is an opportunity to be present in the moment.

I am grateful for the incredible support and encouragement I receive from my partner, friends, and family. I feel extremely blessed for having the opportunity to share my practice with others. My goal is to help our students see their authentic expression of self and discover the infinite possibilities that yoga can offer.

Mind Body Soul Yoga's focus is to provide a professional, friendly, and welcoming environment for you to practice yoga.


Adine Enns - Yoga Instructor and Owner

I am a registered dietitian who has long recognized the importance of health and well-being. I have been a teacher of health and well-being as my day job, but also a teacher of fitness as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. Through my life I have been quite active, playing many sports including basketball, fastball and (my favorite) rugby. These sports have seemed to wreck havoc on my body. A number of years, injuries and finally a major surgery later, I started to focus more on yoga. I always thought that yoga wasn't for me, it wasn't the "intense" burn that I was used to in a physical workout. I started to use it as a "day off" from training. It wasn't long before I recognized the benefits of yoga, and how it made me feel. Once I was able to connect my breath with the asanas, it didn't take me long to start sweating just as much as my intense training sessions. The difference? After yoga I didn't feel like I had been through the ringer, trying to drag my body around after my other sports/trainings. I felt the calm, unbelievably serene state, which has been called the "yoga high". I was hooked. Coming from a high-strung, always on the go lifestyle, I was able to find calm in the middle of this chaotic life. And I wanted more.

I decided to become a certified yoga teacher, taking my 200 hr YTT course with the Sattva School of Yoga, based out of Edmonton. I was lucky enough to take this training right here in Regina, through Yoga Mala where I had been practicing yoga. It was here that I started to delve into this practice, which I found to be very healing, both for my body and my mind. My teacher Rameen Peyrow had a way about him, always seeming to speak calmly, with such wisdom for a young teacher. I remember him saying, "this is the beginning of a journey. You are going to learn so much about your self". And he was right! The more I studied with Rameen, and practiced the asanas, breathing and meditation, the more connected I felt with myself. I knew I had to share this feeling with others. So that is what I did! In 2013, I started Mind Body Soul Yoga with Krista Culling. I have continued my love of teaching, but in a new way. By teaching this practice, I hope to share whatever I can to help people on their own journey.
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